Hayden Panettiere will break you. She doesn’t have the height or the reach of Ivan Drago, but she will break you just as sure as her most well-known character is unbreakable. She’s got the charm, the jaw-dropping looks, and poise of the greatest movie stars all before she can even buy a drink.

Even though we all love her, only one lucky and nerdy actor gets to profess his devotion to Hayden’s character Beth Cooper in (you guessed it) I Love You, Beth Cooper, which hits theaters today

To celebrate Hayden’s big screen premiere, it’s only fitting to showcase her and the cadre of other hot ladies that star with her in the film as a short and sweet little tribute.

Lauren London


London is so outstandingly gorgeous that she may just feel like proclaiming “God Save the Queen.” She’s a fairly seasoned young starlet who’s had major starring roles in ATL and Next Day Air, but it seems like the best work is yet to come for her. Who knows how she’ll be able to top roller skating in a sweaty Georgia disco with TI? Only the future will tell.

Lauren Storm

A little déjà vu is always appreciated when it comes to beautiful women. So, two hot women named Lauren sharing the screen gives Beth Cooper a more than slight advantage of being excellent. Storm has already had a starring role on the Discovery Channel and was also featured in The Rock’s movie The Game Plan. Perhaps her most recognizable role comes from her stint on Malcolm in the Middle, and it’s appropriate that she should’ve been featured on a show about an academically gifted kid: she graduated high school at 16 herself.

Marie Avgeropoulos

Marie is a rising star straight out of Canada who won her role in Beth Cooper after just one feature in a Canadian commerical. She doesn’t say "a-boot" instead of "about," but she does apparently curse like a Canadian trucker–who, of course, are known around the world for their dirty mouths. You can also check her out on Harper’s Island and Supernatural.

Andrea Savage

Ms. Savage is a veteran TV star that is a sexy doctor called in to train Beth Cooper in the ways of love…or, at least, I hope that is her role in the film. She does have the title of doctor though, and she is still quite sexy. Her television credits include starring roles in "Lies & The Wives We Tell Them To" on NBC, "Significant Others" on Bravo, "Red Eye" on VH-1 and the "Sweet Valley High" series on UPN. Additionally, she has guest-starred on other popular sitcoms such as Fox’s "Stacked" with Pamela Anderson, CBS’s "Cold Case" and "The King of Queens," NBC’s "The West Wing," among many other television appearances.