Bethanie Badertscher is the hottest girl on the internet. Just named Play 2011 Playboy Cyber Girl of the Year, Badertscher is still getting used to the title, but something tells us she won’t have much trouble fitting the role. She took the time to speak with us about her burgeoning modeling career, her time as a computer science major and her ongoing love affair with video games.

Made Man: How does it feel to be Cyber Girl of the year?
Bethanie Badertscher: It’s crazy to say out loud. My mind is still blown. There are no words.

MM: Is your work in Playboy your first experience modeling?
BB: Yeah. I had never really considered modeling as a career until now. There are definitely opportunities that are opening up … I’m going to take it and ride the wave.

MM: Have you ever played World of Warcraft?
BB: I was more in the old school MMO generation. I played Everquest and Dark Age of Camelot. I was really into those games.

MM: Between video games and computer science, how big of a nerd are you?
BB: I’m a huge closet nerd. But I never really understood that term. I just always assumed that girls played video games, too. There really are a lot of female gamers out there now. Our demographic is expanding, and it’s awesome seeing that.

MM: What does it take for a guy to impress a Playboy model?
BB: Don’t be arrogant. Confidence is attractive but arrogance is not. You have to walk that line. There’s no end-all answer to that question. I’m different from the next girl, but for me personally just be yourself, make me laugh, be charming, and if we hit it off we hit it off and if not then there’s plenty of other fish for you to fish for.

MM: You Tweeted about Audrey Hepburn’s birthday earlier today. Are you a fan?
BB: I’m a huge Audrey Hepburn fan. She was gorgeous, and the epitome of class. You don’t find a lot of women like that in the media who girls can look up to. She’s a huge idol of mine in that sense.

MM: Have you considered getting into acting?
BB: No. I’m a terrible actress.

MM: Favorite Hepburn movie?
BB: It’s got to be Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

MM: Good answer. Want to give a shout-out to your fans?
BB: I love you all so much!