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There’s a lot more than stepping out of the shower, drying your hair and slapping a little gel on it. Men may be genetically disposed towards full healthy hair or going bald, but you have to take care of it if you want it to last and stay healthy. There are a number of products you can use to keep your hair looking good and staying in great shape.



There are still men out there who will not shampoo their hair regularly and that will leave it unclean and unhealthy. Shampooing not only cleans the hair, but it also stimulates it and promotes a healthy head. Additionally, it will take away dirty, smoky and musty odors and make your hair smell better. You should also use shampoos that match the type of hair you have. Aveda’s Pure-Formance Shampoo for men is an outstanding product that will cleanse and moisturize your hair. It retails for about $18.



After shampooing your hair, you may want to restore your hair and bring back some of the elements that lead to shiny and healthy hair through the conditioning process. Many men’s hair conditioners are rinse-in, rinse-out products that are easy to use. John Allan’s Mint Conditioner will hydrate and invigorate your hair and is effective for men with thinning hair. It retails for about $18.



Let’s say you have gotten a haircut two weeks ago and you won’t have another haircut for 2-to-3 weeks. However, your sideburns are getting thick and the back of your neck is also starting to get fluffy. You don’t have to head back to the stylist to get comfortable. You can use electric clippers to thin out your sideburns – mutton chops have been out of style for decades – and to get rid of that uncomfortable hair on the back of your neck. Wahl’s lithium ion clippers are battery operated and will operate with 50 percent more power than Wahl’s standard clippers. It retails for $64.99.


Hair cream


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If you want to gain a little bit of control over your hair and you want to use a lighter product, you may want to try a hair cream. Hair cream can help control static or fly-away hair. Your hair will look natural and soft when you apply hair cream, which is usually white in color. Bumble and Bumble’s Hair (Un)dressing Creme will help give your hair a little bit of a boost without making it look like you have put anything in it. It retails for $27.



Pomade is a semi-solid product that is used to create a specific look. Pomade will give your hair a sheen and help it stay controlled for hours at a time. It may not always feel good to the touch, but your hair will maintain its look and won’t lose its style. You can use a pomade to help you spike your hair if that’s your style of preference. Redken’s Polish Up Defining Pomade will help you keep your hair in place and help keep it shiny. It retails for $11.