Some men just regard the sneaker as the de facto casual shoe. And, why not? They’re easy to slip on and it doesn’t really matter if they get soiled as you walk through fields and the city looking for an adventure.

But there are so many more options available to people beyond the sneaker. So to help those of you who only have pairs of Adidas, Nike, and Reebok in their cupboards, here is a man’s guide to casual shoes.


Moccasins. This simple and comfortable shoe looks perfect in a wide range of colors, but really comes into its own when you wear a pair minus socks. They’re casual with a dose of seriousness that will impress anyone with even an ounce of fashion sense. They’re the perfect shoe to quietly impress your friends with.


Ankle Boots. Tough and strong, try and get a pair in an unexpected color that have a contrasting sole too. They will come across as cool, yet casual, and will make you feel like Paul Bunyan. Just don’t go trying to chop down any trees in them. You might get yourself a bad splinter.


Wing Tips. Find yourself a leather pair and keep them eternally polished for the desired effect. Then wear them alongside striped socks and a pair of jeans and you’ll look like you’ve come straight from the 1950’s.


Converse. Ah, the Converse. Perfect for any occasion. There’s a hint of trainer and a dose of sophistication to the shoes that is then all wrapped up in a casualness that just says, “I don’t really care.” Perfect for the all-American slacker.


Flossy Espadrilles. These easy slip-ons are the perfect acquisition for the lazy shoe-wearer. There are no laces to contend with and can easily be placed on without any fuss. Plus they are effortlessly stylish too.