If you were Peter Pan, and you just got back from Neverland, the first thing you’d do is get an In and Out burger. But the second thing you’d do, is go find this treehouse and take it over as your new headquarters. Our apartments, opulent and bachelor-tastic though they may be, feel like piles of warm, moist trash compared to what it must be like to live in Horace Burgess’ Tennessee treehouse.

The house, which apparently lacks a sweet moniker like The Edifice, or The Compound or Fort Woody, includes a staggering 11 stories. It’s 97 feet tall and it’s built around an ancient tree that contributes 80 of those feet and 12 feet to its diameter. It included 250,000 nails and offers 8,000 square feet in which to participate in all manner of skullduggery.

The 56-year old creater of the house, landscape architect Horace Burgess, though, is a little more somber about his creation. He says he decided to build the house following a “prayer vision” he had in the 90s and that it stands today in honor of God. It’s like a modern day Tower of Babel, but instead of the many different tongues, you’ve just got the one, backwoodsy Tennesee twang. Nice.

While not exactly a luxury mansion with free Bentley, this treehouse does have some amenities that your little backyard number likely does not. Two of note include the indoor basketball court (…bball…in…a tree?), and a swing that spans the entire 11 stories. That would make for some pretty epic underdogs.

Unfortunately, the house is not for sale (unless you’re one of those mega-rich billionaires with a monocle that scoffs at this and quips, “everything has a price,” then it is). So, just enjoy the pics.