Ever cruise from your apartment to the liquor store to your buddy’s place carrying your weekender in one hand and your six-pack in the other, simultaneously dodging traffic and pedestrians invading the bike lane? It’s no easy feat.

But Fyxation’s full-grain Leather Six Pack Caddy is here to help carry your precious cargo by securely fastening to the top and seat tube of your bike. It fits up to a 1.75-inch diameter and is now available with an adjustable top strap, too. Don’t worry, this has been tested many times, and so long as you know how to operate a bicycle, there’s plenty of clearance between the caddy and your legs while pedaling.

It’s the latest addition to Fyxation’s Tannery Collection, made in Wisconsin by local craftsmen for $59.95. It’s also made to be sturdy and shouldn’t fall off your bike, unless you fall off your bike, of course… bike responsibly.