The Don’s daughter is one of the premier babes in the business world.

Her father, the guy everyone wearing a tie thinks they can impersonate –the Donald Trump – made his billions in well executed real estate maneuvers. His ‘Trump Tower’ buildings have become landmarks in the many cityscapes stand out in. Although he disputes his Forbes net-worth estimate, he is still pretty high on the list as the 117th richest person in the world with $3.0 Billion.

None of that makes any difference to Ivanka though, because she claims she isn’t some spoiled rich girl comparable to Paris Hilton. In an interview in 2007 she responded to those comparisons by saying:

“I work 13-hour days for my money,” the 25-year-old former model, who now works for dad Donald’s business, told the London Express. “I bought my house from my father — I have a mortgage, you know.”

And although I doubt Ivanka has a mortgage like many of the high-interest subprime mortgages most people in our country battle with monthly, I will give her credit for actually doing stuff.

She even attended an Ivy League School, graduating summa cum laude with a degree in real estate from UPenn’s Wharton School of Business. Not something you can buy without having some modicum of intelligence.

Don’t forget that she’s gorgeous too. According to, Ivanka is 5’11”, boasting measurements of 36 – 24 – 34. She was once a premier fashion model with Versace too, before going into the family real estate business.

Her profile lists her as:

26 years old and currently serving as a Class I Director of the Trump Organization Board since August 1, 2007. Ms. Trump is the Vice President of Development and Acquisitions of the Trump Organization LLC, a position she has held since September 2005. From September 2004 to September 2005, Ms. Trump was a Project Manager in the Retail Development division of Forest City Ratner Companies.

Ivanka is currently launching the Ivanka Trump Collection, any piece of which would make a ridiculously expensive gift of jewelry for your girlfriend. Better bust out one of these bad boys when you’ve really f’ed up.

Here’s some other good news for anyone out there trying to decide which billionaire heiress businesswoman to stalk – Ivanka is great with creeps. Interested in getting down to business with Ivanka, let knows in the comments section. May she reads this site? Ivanka Trump

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