27 year-old Jenna Lee is the face of Fox Business Morning and is happily one of the first images many of the network’s viewers see when they get out of bed.

However, Jenna wasn’t always the proper business reporter with the bubbly personality you see before you. As an undergrad on the beautiful beaches of lovely UC Santa Barbara she was also a division 1 softball player and drove a vintage 1963 Chevy Impala. A cute and athletic Cali girl who can manage your portfolio and loves old cars? You’re not dreaming. (more pictures and video after the jump):

After college, Jenna got her first taste of the business world with her first full-time job. She describes her experience in an interview with Young Money Magazine:

I first got interested in business journalism because of my job in college. I worked at the gym, and that led to my first corporate job when I got out of school through KSL Properties, where I was a director of operations. I really learned a lot about business from the ground up. I had to manage a huge budget. I had 130 employees that I was responsible for, and I managed a big facility. So that background propelled me into business journalism because I had that know-how, that insider view of the business world.

She decided she wanted to get into Business News and was admitted to Columbia University’s School of Journalism where she earned her Master’s degree. Like Ivanka Trump, Jenna is another Biz Babe with an Ivy League degree.

In the Young Money interview she goes on to explain that managing your finances in college serves as a good start for later in life. Sometimes the simplest advice is usually the best. Jenna said that rather than being afraid to look at your credit card bill each month, you should open it and read it. That is the key to smart personal finance. Brilliant!

When she’s not being ridiculed by her co-anchors for being so hot, Jenna is leading the Fox Business network with insightful interviews and helpful explanatory financial advice. When the network launched in October of 2007, she was the first person on the air reading the morning business report.

The TV news show Extra, fully equipped with the now douchier than ever- Mark ‘Sugar Ray’ McGrath, did an excellent little interview with Ms. Lee and revealed her to be one of America’s Most Eligible:

Biz Babe Jenna Lee – Watch more free videos

Let’s hope Fox Business keeps up their winning formula of using hot babes to deliver the business news of the day.

Can Jenna Lee sway you away from Erin Burnett and Jim Cramer? Let us know in the comments section.

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