In the style of all those horribly annoying Super Sweet 16 shows, one Russian multimillionaire is making his 15-year-old daughter into a fashion brand.

Kira Plastinina spent many hours of her youth trying to decide between being a princess or a fashion designer. Unfortunately for her, all that deep contemplation was for naught. Now she’s both! I have a feeling this won’t make the world a better place.

She’s just like any other super-rich, spoiled Russian teenager – she likes the color pink, wants to live in Malibu, and ‘runs’ a rapidly expanding girls fashion line.

After the fall of communism, Kira’s father, Sergei Plastinin, became the multimillionaire juice-and-dairy king of Eastern Europe. According to the profile of Kira in a recent NY Magazine article, here Dad’s orange juice empire took a lot of clever planning:

Imported foods were starting to hit the market, but they were expensive. Plastinin decided that his role in the new Russia would be to bring this genius concentrate [orange juice] to the people. He’d brand it as if it were foreign. He came up with the name Wimm-Bill-Dann, which he thought sounded (think Wimbledon) quite English. (Never mind that it said made in russia right on the package; it just didn’t say it in Cyrillic.)

Wimm-Bill-Dann, genius! Now his juice brand is a $5.6 Million-business, but he’s looking to branch out to the world of fashion. He enlisted his daughters’ talents and is basically pimping her out as the entire brand.

Supposedly from a very young age Kira sketched elaborate dresses and cut up her mother’s scarves into clothing. Is this really all it takes to start a business in the fashion world? Oh wait, yes it is. She might even be over-qualified for this.

They are opening 20 U.S. “Kira Plastinina” shops by October of this year. With a worldwide total of 57 boutique stores, most are located in Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan. (Insert overused Borat quote here).

The NY Magazine article does a great job of profiling this young entrepreneur. Forgetting none of the important details:

She has long pin-straight brown hair and round brown eyes, and says “like” with the same frequency as an American teen. She has a Paris Hilton accent on the word cute, so that it comes out “cyut.” She loves ponies, puppies, and the color pink.

What would Vladimir Lenin think about the current state of Russian business, with Kira at the helm? Right now there are 110 billionaires in Russia, making Moscow the most billionaire-rich city in the world, and also one of the most expensive cities to live.

The article goes on to explain how Kira has a really tough life, going to school full-time and then looking at her favorite varieties of pink dresses each afternoon. She has been forced to give up all her after-school activities in order to grow her brand and start her fashion empire.

Don’t worry, her Dad is helping out a lot. He reportedly paid Paris Hilton $2 Million to attend one of Kira’s fashion shows for a few hours. They are, like, totally best friends now or whatever.

However, in planning her Super Sweet 16 party, which is next month, we may get a little glimpse of how you can take the girl out of old-school Russia, but you can’t take old-school Russia out of the girl:

“And I’m going to get a pig,” she says. “A potbellied pig.” She lifts up her shoulders and buries her chin. “Like a miniature pig.” She hugs herself for a minute and sighs. “It’s so cute.”

Could someone tell her that potbellied pigs at Sweet 16s are sooo 2005?

Kira explains the incoherent reasoning behind her popularity a little further in picture form:

NY Magazine: The Russian-American Princess, May 18, 2008