Meet Natali Del Conte, the new queen geek of tech business news. You may recognize her as one of a few women pinoneering the role of the uber nerd diva (also see: Olivia Munn). This new band of ladies is brightening up the otherwise nerdy tech industry with insightful commentary and camera-melting on-screen hotness.

Currently, Natali Del Conte is the senior editor of CNET TV, where she reports on the latest business news and rumors in the tech industry.

Natali, originally from Fremont, California, earned a bachelor’s degree in journalism from California State University, Hayward and a master’s degree in sociology from the University of Southern California. Since college she has found her way around the tech industry while writing for The San Francisco Examiner, WIRED, Variety, MarketWatch and PC Magazine among others. She then wrote for the well-known TechCrunch blog before quitting amid some alleged controversy with her coworkers. (more photos and video after the jump)

Now, fortuntately for the non-vision-impaired world at large, she works out of New York hosting CNET’s daily news show, Loaded. As you can see from Natali’s highlight reel below, she is well versed in the art of the quick talkshow interview. While appearing on The Today Show, Fox Business, CNBC and other local news channels, Natali exhibits an incredible amount of poise and composure during her rapid-fire tech interviews. Quite often these interviews are atrocious to watch due to ill-informed hosts asking dumb questions to the their on-air experts. But Natali always seems to entertain and say the right thing when she’s under the gun. We can probably forgive her (or her parents?) for leaving off that ‘e’ at the end of her first name.

Surprisingly, according to Natali’s MySpace page and her Chickipedia entry, this fresh faced babe will be celebrating her 30th birthday this August. I really wouldn’t have guessed she’s older than 21.

Here’s to you, Natali! We salute you for being a much more attractive alternative for tech news compared to the other tech nerds out there such as CNBC’s Jim Goldman and the New York Times’ David Pogue.

Natali’s very impressive highlight reel:

Equally impressive outtakes reel:

And If you can’t get enough Natali stalking, be sure to check out her Flickr Photostream … creeps.

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