What happens when you take a John Hughsian style story line of misfits and outcasts, put them together in detention, and let their petty grievances and social differences mix and then, ultimately, distill into personal growth?

“The Breakfast Club” happens. Then, what if you add murder and evil spirits? When you add that, you get the macabre Hughsian version of the above-mentioned classic viewed through a blood-colored lense: “Bad Kids Go to Hell.” BKGTH features an archetypical cast of 6 characters, each tinted with too much money, too many drugs, too much ambition, or, most interestingly, too much sex drive. The resulting antics are not only splatterhouse-style fun and funny, but complicated and fairly balanced from a contextual point of view. Penned by Matt Spradlin and Chris Allen, and illustrated by the immensely talented and prolific Anthony Vargas, “Bad Kids Go To Hell” is a quick, fun, 132-page read for anybody that loved 80s teen comedies, went to private school (or hated the kids that did), or just plain likes comics. Buy it here