Join the wet shaving revolution. These days most guys flick a switch on an electric razor and just go nuts: it requires no steady hand, attention to detail, or risk of cutting an artery in your neck and trying not to get bleed.

Where’s the fun in that? Our grandfathers would scoff at us. Some real men have realized this and are returning to the old-fashioned (and more manly) way of removing hair from your face: wet shaving… You know, with shaving cream, and water, and an actual blade. It’s exhilarating. And, don’t worry, we have just the product where you can still feel manly shaving and not have to worry about that whole bleeding out thing: the Baxter Safety Razor. The custom Double Edge Safety Razor is designed for the “serious” wet shaver who doesn’t feel like patching up cuts with bits of toilet paper on his face. First introduced in the 18th century as a safe alternative to the “cut throat blade”, which was not only used to shave faces but to battle pirates, Baxter has packaged this Safety Razor with a polished design and textured grip. Made in Germany, it comes packaged in a classy black box with a pack of starter blades With wet shaving making a resurgence, you don’t want to be behind. The Baxter Safety Razor goes for $60.00 and can be purchased here.