"Everything that was once cool will soon be cool again." ~Nostradamus.  Okay, Nostradamus didn’t say that. (Well, he might have, we didn’t check.) But regardless, it’s a prediction that comes true every day.

Everything has its revival, from 20-year-old movie franchises, to fashion styles that seem ridiculous one day and ironically hip the next (see: Kanye West’s wardrobe). The trick is to be up on it so you don’t look ridiculous. With MyBluBlockers, you’ll be the guy that makes everyone else look late to the party. They are back.

MyBluBlockers are the iconic ‘80’s style sunglasses that are up next on the returning retro list. And for good reason. Not only are they light and sturdy, they sport lens technology developed for astronauts, and astronauts never stopped being cool (except for the chick in the diapers—not cool). The oversized lenses shield your eyes from all kinds of damaging rays: UV rays, blue light rays, sting rays, Sugar Ray… You name it, it’s not getting in your eye. The BluBlockers start at $38 a pair and have been reissued in different colors, including green, pink, white, gold, and tortoise shell.