Blogger is doing everything it can to get me not to leave. I am trying to copy my site over to a new site off of Blogger and it is not going well. It seems that the new Beta site makes it difficult to import to other systems. I have had to use a RSS feed and import the picture seperately but I can only get the last 100 stories. It is going to be a while until the new page is up but I am working on it every day. I don’t think it’s that much better now but in time it will and will be hosted directly on I have not posted as much because of this and my creative juices have been drained by the conversion. Coming soon as well and The site is a big deal but the overmatched site is purely made for da kids. It has hot chicks with ugly guys, beat downs, and “owned” pictures, real educational material. I have been planning it for a while but I think I finally have a guy to maintain it as I am very busy with the nursery and other projects. Tulip still coming later today