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I’ve had enough. I tried to be a stand up guy and stay out of the middle of Timmy and his bashers and point out some of his positive traits, but I can’t do it anymore. I got another one of Tim’s emails promoting himself and TIM (stands for Tim’s Inevitable Mailspam). Does he think that other traders really want to follow his every move? I asked him to quit telling me how great he is a while ago. I don’t care if he sends me a personal email about something he’s doing but he would rather send me his spam. So I will send out my SLAM. Tim is in it for Tim and could care less about any of his readers. You’ve had a website for years, the only thing that has changed is the amount of spam you’ve sent out to promote it.

Wow, you made them 1% in December when the market lost 1%. I put $10K in Apple and watched Sponge Bob 24 hours a day and ate Fiddle Faddle and beat you. You want to impress me Tim? I’ll put the same amount of money that you started with and put half in Apple and half in Google. If you can beat those returns at the end of the year I buy YOU beer. I win you take me off the list and send me an email once a month with what UFC fights are coming up that month. I care more about that than your sustem. I bet you I win . But it’s the journey and not the ending right? BS If it was , you would have kept the hedge fund open and finished the journey, not closed up shop as you started getting your ass handed to you.

Here’s a little diddy of what I got today

OK, enough with the prophetic speeches, let’s get to what you, my valued readers, decided were the 5 most popular blog posts in December. 1. Finally, a Cool Giveaway 2. We Have Located My One Hater 3. A Few Recent Examples of the Sykes Pattern 4. will Become The World’s Top Stock Blog in 2008 5. The 5 People you’ll Meet at any Wall Street Holiday Party PS Start getting excited because on February 4th, 2008, I’ll be unveiling a newly redesigned that’s going to blow your mind, mainly because of a new feature called TIMtv..

TimTV? Great, just what I was waiting for. Top Stock Blog? Not a chance in the world. The Sykes Pattern? I already know it. Here’s the pattern, Get Lucky, Struggle, Get Lucky, Struggle, Quit, Start Over, Spam.

Sorry for the harsh words but you’ve earned it. And yes my web site sucks too but I don’t send out emails saying otherwise