It’s been a big week. First, we get a new president. And then, halfway across the world, we get a new BMW motorcycle. One seems to have really outshined the other in terms of media coverage, so we’re here to bridge that divide.

At this year’s International Motorcycle Exhibition in Milan, BMW unveiled the HP4 RACE, a bike they are calling the most exclusive in the brand’s history to date. It will be handmade and offered in very limited quantities in the second half of 2017, and will be one of the only bikes on the market to feature a featherweight carbon fiber frame as well as carbon fiber wheels. It looks mean, it looks fast and it would look great with you sitting atop it.

For now, BMW is keeping most of the actual spec details under wraps, as they’ve yet to publicly release many hard facts. But they did confirm that the concept revealed at the bike show will be realized next year, and it will indeed feature the full carbon fiber frame and rims as seen in these photos. More information will become available this spring, so you’ve got a few months to speculate and clear out some space in your garage.

And just like that, you found your leaf blower.