Dreary fall skies can be real wet blanket on your week. The office slog is tough enough when it not cold, windy, rainy, sleety, etc. Thank goodness for the equator. Provider of sunshine, happiness and bikinis while it’s 17 degrees at home. If a summer on the water was not quite enough for you, check out some sweet ways to get back aboard.

Bud Light Port Paradise Party Cruise

It’s called a “party cruise,” so how can it not be great? Now an annual event, Bud Light sponsors a 3-night cruise each year which you cannot buy a ticket for. To gain access to the ship and the party, you have to enter and win on their website or at some live Bud Light event on the mainland. We like the feeling of exclusivity. About 5000 people will be chosen to ride the massive party in the Bahamas. Naturally, Bud Light wants you to have a good time, so they provide excellent entertainment. Bikini girls, booze and dance parties, duh, but past cruises have also included musical performances by Bare Naked Ladies, O.A.R., All-American Rejects and this year, Dave Matthews Band. This is likely designed to program you to purchase a case of Bud Light every time “Crazy Game of Poker” comes on, but we don’t mind the conspiracy.

Caribbean Sailing Adventure

Have you always wanted to sail the open waters but lack a boat or any sailing knowledge? No problem, if you know where to look. Actually, it turns out there are a number of websites you can search for boat owners looking for a crew. They may expect some experience, though. Or they may want you to be a coed on their long journey. Companies do exist, however, for the purpose of teaching you to sail if you, and others aboard, simply cover the cost to break even, which it turns out is only $55 per day aboard the S.V. Illusion. For that rate you will get fed and taught basic technique. Breathtaking sunsets are free. New York Times Frugal Traveler Matt Gross took just such a vacation, and his time seems to have been a great success. Check out www.Inthewild.org for sailing vacations during which you can also become a certified sailor. While you cruise beautiful bays, you are taking courses designed by the American Sailing Association. When you return next year, you’ll be able to charter your own boat!

Bhutan River Rafting

If chasing after bikini models’ phone numbers or mooring your cruiser in the Caribbean are not exciting enough activities for you, consider dancing the rapids in Bhutan. Bhutan is a truly beautiful place and isolated place situated between Tibet and China. The local Himalayas make a wonderful subject for aspiring photographers. In Bhutan there is a river that has never been floated, the Drangme Chhu, until now of course. It flows in a National Park, and is packed with class IV and V rapids. It has been closed to tourism because of its proximity to violent areas. Bio Bio Expedition company says violence be damned. The Bhutan government has granted them the right to test the river and if all goes well they will begin offering commercial trips. The 17 day adventure is projected to cost $6800. Be prepared for cold water (yeah, we’re in the Himalayas) and monkeys.

Icelandic Kayaking

If you search for a slower paced adventure, secluded from beaches and spring break experts, head to Iceland. Explorer’s Corner Company offers a trip to the tip of the country, visiting the Hornstrandir Nature Reserve. While hiking to the reserve is common, you’ll take the more historical route, in your sea kayak. The trip includes 9 nine nights of camping on the fjords at sites of your choice. Mix in some day hiking on the impressive landscape, and you’ve got yourself a pretty unique trip. You’ll paddle with seals and find abandoned Viking farms on land. The travel will require some work, as you’ll be kayaking for long periods and if want to hike, the terrain can be difficult, so make sure you are in shape enough to enjoy everything. The trip takes place in the summer and due to your latitude, you’ll experience sunlight 24 hours a day, which is rad. The light should also protect you from Iceland’s most famous inhabitant, Trolls.