Today has been a helluva day. America bombed the moon in order to find out if there as, possibly, water in the form of permafrost beneath the surface which is at -350 degrees Fahrenheit. The idea being, that the rocket, traveling at a mile-and-a-half per second and weighing 5,000 pounds, would slam into the surface of the moon and explode. Then, scientists would be able to analyze the resultant plume of debris to see if there were water/ice vapor/fragments. If, indeed, there is water on the moon, it would be an enormous step toward putting a semi-permanent living space there. Unfortunately, there was no plume visible to the human eye, and, as yet, we are unsure if there is water present.  

And, at the same time, Obama has been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. Interestingly, nobody at the White House, including Obama, even knew that he was nominated, much less in the running. We are sittin’ over here in American winning Nobel Prizes without even trying. It’s like when Iron Man gives the award away to the faux Caesar at the beginning of the movie. That’s what it must be like to be Obama. Maybe sans sleeping with the hot reporter. Maybe.