Look, we’re not going to sit here and try to talk up any practical use to this R/C Helicopter Bomb. Because there is none. It’s not going to give you a closer smoother shave or get rid of that weird smell in your car.

It’s not a real bomb and won’t kill your enemies. This is completely a novelty that by no means is a necessity. BUT, it will harmlessly scare the absolute crap out of some people, and that is quite possibly the best thing you can do ever. Who doesn’t enjoy some good old-fashioned American pranking that will send people running? If you don’t, then that probably means you’re dead. The Quantum RTR Bomb System works with any .25 size or larger R/C plane, and will surely delight the remote control plane enthusiast. Probably more delightful will be the looks on people’s faces when they see this completely realistic looking nylon bomb inexplicably dropping out of the sky towards the earth before them. This could be a Japanese Game Show prank, except nobody will actually get hurt. The bombs go for $16.95 each, and you won’t need more than one as they are built tough. Buy one here.