Everybody’s got something to hide. Could be an emergency flask for when you run dry. Maybe it’s some of those funny cigarettes the kids are smoking, or incriminating evidence in your ongoing murder trial.

We don’t need to know what it is, nor do we want to. We just want to help you… A little less so in the case that you’re a murderer, but hey, we’ll let the judge and jury worry about that. For now, take comfort in the fact that whatever you’re hiding will remain hidden in one of these Hollow Book Safes.

How many times has somebody come to your place, picked up a random book, and started reading? Unless you live in a library, probably not a whole lot. You can order Hollow Book Safes to fit anything you need (within reason; the girl you’re cheating on your girlfriend with will not fit). And the book is made to look incredibly uninteresting (i.e every assigned reading in your British Lit class) so nobody is picking that thing up or asking to borrow it. The books range from $20-$34 dollars and can be purchased here.