That speaker setup you have might be compatible with your iPod, iPad and MacBook Air, but do you really want all your gadgets to look and feel the same? Why not get something with a little more class and style? Cue Boss Radios from Ward Electric, an eclectic series of mp3 player speakers crafted largely from vintage radios.

Ward Electric iPod Radios are the brainchild of licensed electrician Devin Ward. If there’s one thing we love here, it’s regular Joes putting their unrecognized genius to work. Ward found inspiration from a damaged tube television on the side of the road while walking with his infant son. “I knew that whatever was broken inside was tiny, inexpensive, and easy to spot,” says Ward. “It turned out to be a 15 cent capacitor. The idea of trashing a perfectly fixable item that someone somewhere might appreciate touched a nerve in me.”

While the radios might look like something out of the past, Ward isn’t a fan of the term “retro.” “I try and think “timeless” when I design these things. Kind of a marriage between the old and new.” Ward has a point: While the radios—and handcrafted wooden speakers—have the look of something out of the past, they won’t look out of place in even the most modern apartment, bringing a touch of class to any environment.

You can pick up Devin Ward’s home-crafted radios at his Etsy store for between $150 and $280. Check out Ward’s personal page here.