The Jets lost during an even-numbered week, which means the NFL universe is officially off its axis. But never fear, we at are here to help you navigate the craziness as we near the fantasy playoffs. Here are a few players on our radar for Week 13.

Don’t get me wrong, there isn’t another young QB in the league I’d rather have long-term. But it’s fair to question whether Andrew Luck should be your QB right now.


Ryan Fitzpatrick, QB, Tennessee Titans
Fitzpatrick seems to have settled down a bit and is starting to find his groove with some of the Titan’s underrated receivers. Justin Hunter can play and this team looks to be in situations where they’ll be playing from behind. Plus, how can you not love a quarterback with the nickname “The Amish Rifle”?

Steven Jackson, RB, Atlanta Falcons
Steven Jackson killed fantasy teams who blew a high draft pick on him this summer. But he’s showing signs of life, and if you can get him in your league, he could be valuable. While won’t carry your team, he should put up good numbers down the stretch. Let the other guys reach for the latest flash in the pan while you add a player with a track record.

Justin Hunter, WR, Tennessee Titans
You can never totally trust a Titans wideout, so don’t break the bank for Hunter. But he clearly seems to be building rapport with QB Ryan Fitzpatrick on a team that will throw the ball. “His confidence is growing and growing, and he is getting in position to make the plays he’s been making,” Coach Mike Munchak told The Tennessean. “That’s the kind of stuff we were hoping he could do.”

Rod Streater, WR, Oakland Raiders
The first thing you want to do when a new QB takes over is see which receivers he favors. New Raiders QB Matt McGloin very quickly seemed to identify Streater as his guy. McGloin looks like he’s got the job for now and Streater should continue to produce—especially against a suspect Dallas defense this week.

Dwayne Bowe ain’t afraid to get high. In order to catch a football, we mean.


Dwayne Bowe, WR, Kansas City Chiefs
The Chiefs unbeaten season may be over after a couple of losses, but my league doesn’t award points for going undefeated. The reality is that Dwayne Bowe is an explosive pass catcher and Alex Smith remains underappreciated. We haven’t lost faith, and you shouldn’t either.


Andrew Luck, QB, Indianapolis Colts
Don’t get me wrong, there isn’t another young QB in the league I’d rather have long-term. But it’s fair to question whether Andrew Luck should be your QB right now. He’s lost a huge weapon in Reggie Wayne, and it seems to be affecting him. Trent Richardson has made little impact, and the upcoming schedule is tough against the pass. Don’t panic, but we see Luck trending downward.

Ryan Mathews, RB, San Diego Chargers
After a brief vacation from “heartbreak” status, Mathews is right back where he belongs—a huge fantasy wack-a-mole (as Matthew Berry might say) who just can’t stay healthy. The latest ailment is a hamstring issue that will likely linger on into July if past history is any indication.

DeAndre Hopkins, WR, Houston Texans
It’s time to admit everyone’s favorite sleeper pick just isn’t getting it done. It’s not all his fault playing for the dumpster fire that is the Houston Texans. As our Sigmund Bloom writes, this team can barely support one star wideout, much less two.

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