A few years back, it seemed that every guy on the street was sporting the undercut hairstyle. Long on top, almost shaved on the sides—it took the male species by storm and resulted in Macklemore lookalikes as far as the eye could see. Well, nowadays guys are looking for a little more variety when they take a seat in the barber’s chair. The new trending looks are unique and bold. Are you brave enough to pull any of these off?

1. Pastel Hair
Call it what you want—unicorn, rainbow, millennial pink, pastel—light and colorful hair dying is everywhere. And it’s not just for women. The ladies were the first to jump on this trend, but the guys are now following suit.
Get the Look: If you’re going to take a dive into this cotton candy world, our suggestion is to seek out a professional. Things could go very wrong, very fast.

2. Grown-out ’90s Grunge
With the clean and groomed undercut being in style for so long, it’s only natural the boys are going to the opposite end of spectrum… by literally going natural. Just like everything else from the ’90s, the long, grown out, grungy look is having a comeback—think Kurt Cobain.
Get the Look: Ready to grow it out? Rub some lightweight product between your hands and smooth it through your long hair to tame any frizz.

3. Long and Textured on Top
If you’re not ready to go shoulder-length (and we don’t blame you), you can still get a longer look by letting it grow out a little just on top. This style is all about texture as well; let it go wild but the keep the sides short and faded.
Get the Look: This is great for guys with curly or wavy hair that they don’t want to tame. The bigger the better. If your hair is straight, have your barber cut the top with scissors to add texture.

4. The Middle Part
Now that men’s hair seems to be longer, there’s the decision on how to style it and where to part it. And some of our more fashion-forward guys are going for the middle part. Once again, you can blame the ’90s. Picture Brendan Fraser in The Mummy. It’s not for everyone.
Get the Look: Grow it out and part it down the middle—pretty simple. Be ready for some mixed reviews.

Photo: Getty Images/Royalty-free/Stevica Mrdja/EyeEm