Todd Orr, 50, of Bozeman survived a bear attack by a grizzly bear in southwest Montana on Saturday. After the attack, he walked miles for help. But before he did anything else, he called his girlfriend and shot a Facebook video documenting the moments right after the attack. Looking at the camera and wearing a hat, he sounds calm but shaken up as he shows off a shredded arm and some serious head wounds.

“Yeah… life sucks in bear country,” he begins, clearly keeping his cool and glad to be alive.

“Just had a grizzly with two cubs come at me from about eighty yards and I sprayed the shit out of her with bear spray. And then I went on my face to protect the back of my neck,” he continued.

“She got my head good—I don’t know what’s under my hat. My ear, my arm… pieces of stuff hanging out. I don’t know what’s going on in there. My shoulder, ripped up and I think my arm’s broken.”

And here’s where his studliness kicks in:

“But legs are good, internal organs are good, eyes are good, and I just walked out three miles and I gotta head to the hospital.”

And that’s just what Orr did. According to a post he made to Facebook, he was on an early morning hike in the Madison valley scouting for elk. He was aware that bears are common in the area and was shouting “Hey bear!” to avoid any surprises.

Sure enough, at about three miles in, Orr spotted a grizzly with cubs who came at him right away. Despite the bear spray, the grizzly was on him in seconds. He protected his neck, took several bites, and eventually started making his way back.

But it wasn’t over yet. Ten minutes later, the bear was on him again, and he questioned whether he’d survive the second attack. That was when the bear bit through his arm and Orr could only lie motionless hoping the bear would think its prey was dead.

He then had another 45-minute journey to a car and phone to first call his girlfriend and then 911.

Orr is now okay. He was left with a chip from his forearm, punctures in his arm and shoulder, a 5-inch gash on his head and tons of bruises and scrapes.

Dude is tough.

Be careful out there, mountain men.