offers a $400 prize to the maker of any submitted video that reaches ‘homepage’ status. It’s an interesting business strategy with dozens of satisfied daily customers.

In this series of posts we’ll examine a cost/benefit scale for some of these entrepreneurial cinematographers.

Case #1- "Wife Will Never Touch A Gun Again"

Wife Will Never Touch a Gun Again – Watch more free videos

In this video, the man ‘pranking’ his wife sustains a relatively impressive and effective profit margin.

$10 for firecrackers = $400 homepage payout.

However, let’s delve deeper.

Had the wife featured in this video suffered a heart attack brought on by the combination of her overweight condition and the traumatic fright, the man may be looking at a $1,000 deductible for an emergency room visit. Assuming he has health insurance.

Additionally, the prospect of divorce and remarriage may have been an unforeseen expense stemming from this video. Lowball estimates for divorce put a mediated settlement at around $2,500. And on the other end – high ball estimates but it at half your entire net worth. Ouch.

On the plus side, it looks like mail order bride prices are declining lately. $5K for all expenses paid? Sounds doable.

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