Dell announced today that they will be introducing the highly anticipated dBeeper. With all the hype surrounding the new iPhone and the possible release of the Google Phone, Dell has decided that rather than try and compete with the two giants they will “step back and innovate” According to Michael Dell “the beeper came and went without anyone fully utilizing its potential”. According to a Dell press release, the new dBeeper with come in 5 different colors and 10 “alert” songs that can be used to alert the user that a callback is needed. Dell also reached agreements with some top artists for the 10 “alert” songs and will feature such great songs as “Crank dat” by Soulja Boy, “Because I Got High by Afroman, and “Ding Dong the Witch is Dead” from the estate of Judy Garland. The unit will come with 1 gig of memory and should be able to hold over 200 million past call numbers. Using a new technology called “Golden Tee Ball” a user will be able to move a white ball at the bottom of unit that will enable the user to visually scroll threw all the past alert numbers.

Retailing for $99, Dell is not banking on huge sales in 2008 but hoping that with time that the unit would be hacked and could be turned into something “cool”. I’ll provide more details when as they are received.