A world adventure and a $1 million prize have joined the fight against breast cancer. An extremely unique treasure hunt, and great family or personal adventure, are now part of the hunt for the cause.

When faced with the tragic loss of his sister in law to breast cancer, Ron Shore responded in the most unusual way: he created a $1 million dollar, international treasure hunt. Find the treasure hidden somewhere in the world, and Ron Shore will pay you to go and get it!


1. BUY THE BOOK: book sales go to Hunt for the Cause Foundation to fund breast cancer research. Treasure Hunters then use the Book and the Treasure hunting tools they receive, to find the 13 prizes hidden around the world. This is all done from the comfort of your own home.

2. FIND THE PRIZE: There are 13.5 chapters in the book. Each chapter contains puzzles, hidden messages, codes and other clues that help Treasure Hunters solve the 20 questions that correspond to each chapter. When all 20 questions have been accurately entered using their unique online login, the chapter is unlocked and a treasure map opens up. The first person to solve the treasure map will win one of 12 silver eagles worth more than $20,000. At this point, Ron Shore personally works with the Treasure Hunters to arrange and pay for travel to the part of the world where the certificate for the eagle will be discovered.

There are 9 treasures in the US, 1 in Canada and 2 in the UK. The Golden Eagle could be in any country in the world. A final 1-3 hour physical treasure hunt, similar to The Amazing Race, will truly solidify the treasure hunt experience for the winners!

The final chapter will locate the $1 million Golden Eagle. 18 pounds of solid gold, with 1.1 carat pear shaped diamond eyes and 763 diamonds weighing 53.66 carats covering its head. Probably the most unique aspect of this treasure is that it stands watch over the 400-year old, 12.73 carat "Atocha Star" emerald. Provided by Mel Fisher’s Treasures of Key West, Florida to help raise funds for cancer research, this is the largest cut emerald from the Atocha, a Spanish Treasure Galleon which sank in 1622.

Ron reserves the right to sell the Golden Eagle and award the winner $1 million in cash. His goal is to sell the Eagle for $8 million and to have $7 million of that go to the foundation to fund breast cancer research.

3. SAVE LIVES: book sale profits, and any amount over $1 million from the sale of the Golden Eagle, are set to be donated to the Hunt for the Cause Foundation.

The World’s Greatest Treasure Hunt, is available for order at www.TheGreatHunt.com. For updates, information about the prizes (including a picture of the Golden Eagle), and contest rules please visit www.TheGreatHunt.com.

For more information visit www.TheGreatHunt.com

For more information on Hunt for the Cause Foundation, visit www.HuntFortheCause.org