So you’re aware that a glass of wine is better when it is allowed to “breathe,” or so you’ve heard said. But how many times have you actually sat and waited for it to “breathe” so that you enjoy your glass more?

If you’re the average wine drinker, probably zero. You don’t have to let beer or cheeseburgers breathe. They’re good the instant you taste them. What a snob you are, Wine. Unfortunately it would seem Wine won’t budge on this matter. How can anybody make wine breathe faster? You could try taking it for a jog, but that would be messy and really, really dumb. Luckily there’s a new contraption, called the Vinturi Wine Aerator, that does all the work for you. And it’s very simple to use. Just hold the Aerator over your glass, and pour the wine into it, allowing the sweet liquid to filter through it. A test done by wine enthusiasts at showed a “staggering” difference in taste between first glasses imbibed with and without the use of the Aerator. The Aerator brought out the best aromas and flavors in the wine, without letting it sit open for God knows how long. Why would you ever drink wine without this again? The Vinturi Wine Aerator is selling for around $64 and can be purchased here.