Looking for a way to stand out at a party? Everybody knows what to wear and how to wear it, including yourself. When setting yourself apart, what it’s going to come down to is what you’re holding in your hand.

If you’re holding a dented can of Natty Light, you’re chances aren’t that good. If your drink has an umbrella in it, you’re not going to attract the right kind of attention. With the Luminarus Glass, you will be the dude everyone will want to talk to.

Just pour your drink of choice into the Luminarus Glass and light emitting diodes in the bottom will automatically light up when the glass is in your hand. In the land of dimly lit parties, the man with the glowing drink is king. Not only does this look cool, but it can come in handy if you can’t quite make out if the lady you’re looking at is a beauty or a beast. Offer her a sip of your drink and there’s her face, plain as day. The lights will last for 300 hours, which equates to holding a drink in your hand for fifteen minutes every day for three years… which also means you have a problem and should get help immediately. The Luminarus Glass is $46.15 and can be purchased here.