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Some British actors and actresses are so crafty that they actually spend most of their careers pretending to be American. They must be jealous. But to be fair to most of these thespians, they are actually able to adopt our various accents with relative ease. Still you must feel pretty peeved if you’re actually an American actor from that particular region who has been rejected for the role in favor of a limey tart! What else do you have to do to get the part? These actors are so adept, that they have been accepted into US society as our own. Here are five British actors that you thought were American.


Andrew Lincoln


The star of "The Walking Dead," plays the lead zombie killer Rick Grimes. Lincoln was actually born in London and made his name in the hit UK shows "This Life" and "Teachers," before gaining recognition for his performance in Richard Curtis’ "Love Actually."


Andrew Garfield


Born in Los Angeles but raised in Surrey, Garfield holds dual citizenship for both America and Britain, and has used it to his advantage by starring in a number of critically acclaimed pieces on both sides of the pond. But he’ll now forever be known as Peter Parker.


Christian Bale


Batman himself actually hails from Wales, but he spent his formative years gallivanting across the world, and lived in England and Portugal, before settling in the United States. It was his performances as Bruce Wayne and Patrick Bateman that has lead to him being considered an American icon.


Hugh Laurie


One half of the renowned comedy duo Fry and Laurie, and the star of the highly acclaimed British comedies "Blackadder" and "Jeeves and Wooster," Hugh Laurie found fame in the U.S. because of his performance as the grouchy Dr. Gregory House, in "House." He has since been labeled the most watched leading man on television and in 2011 was listed as the highest paid actor ever in a television drama. Not too shabby.


Idris Elba


Baltimore’s most feared drug lord, Stringer Bell, was actually born and raised in North East London, and is also a hip-hop/soul artist. Avon Barksdale would be so disappointed.