There is a bit of controversy (which according to British, is pronounced conTROVersy with a shortened ‘o’ in the middle, WTF?) surrounding this poorly-made video.

Apparently a group of bankers and stock brokers working for a variety of unnamed big banks in London got sick and tired of having their greed and poor risk management blamed for the entire global credit crunch. In retaliation, they put together and released a record with the song ‘Christmas Credit Crunch’ as the hit single.

Here’s where things get interesting, with no perceptible sarcasm in the song and video, the lyrics go on to pigeonhole wasteful bankers as not giving a crap about a young boy unable to celebrate Christmas due to the credit crunch. Without any sarcasm or any sympathy everyone is just left thinking, "ummm ok, so they’re a bunch a of jerks, now what?". Probably not the reaction they were going for.

The Daily Express newspaper is having a panic attack over it.