None of them have ever read WallstreetFighter………yet

It’s the weekend folks and before we all travel to go see a family member or do some last minute, I’ll take what I can get, maybe I can still get it on the internet, maybe if I keep driving I’ll get a better parking spot shopping…….Lets go and see some HOT HOT Girls

MadStocks wants to hear what you think is the Best Stock of 2007. See what others are saying and perhaps win a little money. I’m still doing my homework but will chime in soon. (You may have to scroll down as he’s forwarded the domain with masking and no permalinks that I could find, hint hint MadStocks

Since it is not April Fools maybe there is a chance there is an amazing new MLB pitch called the gyroball.

I Love Vince Vaughn and I see nothing wrong with him fooling around with 20 year old student named Lane while in Budapest

I don’t know how I missed it but I read The Miseducated Daytrader today and love it. I know its crazy but I love the font. Easy on the eyes. Stop by and see him.

It’s Finals week here in Champaign. Pretty Boring. UCLA is much more exciting they have a
Undies Run during their finals. Photos here

I Pray that they find the Mt. Hood Climbers alive today. I run Hood to Coast each year and feel a personal connection to the story. Looks like the weather today is the best chance they’ll get.

Enjoy the day but you might enjoy it here with a Lady sans Clothes