Today, the world will discover the Vanguard Roadster at New York City’s International Motorcycle Show. Designer Edward Jacobs and entrepreneur Francois-Xavier Terny wanted to create a New York City-style cycle and that’s just what they’ve done with a bike that will be assembled at the Brooklyn Navy Yard.

Featuring a frameless structural engine, unitized crankcase, integrated exhaust and tablet-sized digital dashboard with a rearview camera, the Roadster will be the first of three motorcycles built on a common powertrain platform. Eventually, they will cover all the riding positions: Roadster (a.k.a. “This One”), Cruiser (think Peter Fonda in Easy Rider) and Racer (the bikes tearing up the track in professional racing).

The only downside to the Vanguard Roadster is that you’re going to have to wait for it—it’s still currently a running prototype. Don’t worry: Production is slated for 2018 and the cost will start at $29,995.

For now, start mastering riding a bike without the training wheels.