The BRP Can-Am Spyder roadster isn’t exactly like…much of anything. It’s a reverse stance trike designed for exhilarating open road experiences while maintaining the stability and reliability necessary for leisure touring. It also looks like it might be from the future.

This isn’t actually the first iteration of the Spyder, and there are a few changes in this model that have improved it over its predecessors. Can-Am has switched out the rubber mount system and linckage rod for a new design which has reduced road vibrations, and there are new colors available for the 2011 model year: Pure Magnesium Metallic, Alloy Orange Metallic/Matte Black (RS-S only) and Pure Magnesium Metallic / Steel Black Metallic (RS-S only)

The trike goes 0-60 in 4.5 seconds, and features a variety of creature comforts in the ‘cab space’ such as heated handgrips, a premium leather saddle, an integrated iPod, and redesigned wind deflectors. It starts at $17,699; check out more photos below.