Warren Buffett and his shareholders gathered over the weekend in Omaha, Nebraska for the annual Berkshire Hathaway ‘Woodstock for Capitalists’. It’s a big pep seminar where Warren unleashes his shiniest pearls of wisdom, and people sell books and jump on moon bounces. Good times all around.

According to many of the participants, a highlight of the entire program was the following clip explaining the subprime crisis by the famous British comedians John Bird and John Fortune:

What Created The Subprime Mess – Watch more free videos

Great video, especially at around (5:55) when the fictional character ‘George Parr the banker’ portrayed by John Bird, discusses the two massive Bear Stearns hedge funds that blew up over the summer of 2007. Keeping in mind this video was made months before the eventual Bear Stearns collapse/buyout in March of 2008.

Also, at (7:18) in the video it looks like there is quick glimpse at one of these old Brits hunched over a laptop doing something no doubt inappropriate.