If you think of what has made McDonalds turn around and then think of Burger King, you see there is no similarities in the two. McDonalds is trying to get healthier and has actually reduced the size of some items. They no longer have super size and have the best premium fast food salad in the biz. Burger King reaches a different demographic and not much that is healthy. It doesn’t help that their fries are inferior to Mickey D’s either. I know every town is different but simply look at the drive thru for the two and you can see they aren’t as busy. I love the Burger King ads with “The King” but it really doesn’t make me want to eat the triple Whopper. I would have to run 12 miles to work it off. Unless Burger King holds a Chipotle like trump card I think they are going to be very dissapointed with their IPO. I for one will treat their stock like their food. I won’t be buying.