The $200 burger has landed in jolly ole London, England.

Burger King, which apparently employs a ‘Head Chef’, is now selling this premium bad boy that is simply called ‘The Burger’. The head chef says it’s well worth the high price tag because it’s made with Japanese-style Wagyu beef, Pata Negra ham slices, Cristal onion straws, Modena balsamic vinegar, lambs lettuce, pink Himalayan rock salt, organic white wine, shallot infused mayonaise in an Iranian saffron and, of course, some Italian truffles.

It definitely seems like whenever someone wants to make an expensive menu item, they just throw a few ‘European’ truffles on there.

Uh oh, some people are mad about the expensive burger:

$200 Burger at London Burger King – Watch more free videos

Anyone else a little suspicious of that Iranian saffron? How similar is that to a ‘yellowcake’ and ‘anthrax’ mixture? And isn’t ‘pink Himalayan rock salt’ some sort of vaginal euphemism? I heard that in college once.

The ingredients for the burger cost $80, but BK is granting you the privilege of stuffing one in your mouth for a measly $200. The King of Burgers says “all the proceeds” are going to charity. Which is pretty vague.

I’m not really sure why CBS took the anti-poverty angle with this story. You’d think it would be some light-hearted human interest piece about some silly overpriced burger, then this dude comes out of nowhere showing images of starving people in Africa.

Are they trying to get us to not enjoy our extravagant burgers or something? Instead of launching this whole campaign and donating the proceeds, maybe Burger King should just send these burgers over to those impoverished areas. There, I just solved the world’s food problem. Eat one, Bono.

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