If you have an extra $175,000 and really want a torn and battered replica Ortiz jersey, you just missed the chance of a lifetime, my friend.

The auction for the Red Sox jersey found buried at the new Yankee Stadium site ended yesterday. The winning bid of $175,000 came from a car dealership owner in Mendon, Mass.

Kevin Meehan, who is a lifelong Red Sox fan, typed in 175000 and hit enter on eBay just minutes before the auction ended. He is proud that his purchase will serve as a donation to the Jimmy Fund, a charity affiliated with a Boston cancer institute. Meehan is also getting some big publicity out of the spectacle. He owns a chain of car dealerships in Mass. and has been pitching his company’s website in interviews.

CNBC Reporter Darren Rovell’s estimated guess of a $156,000 winning bid came up short, but now the Sportz Biz reporter is saying that Kevin Meehan will receive $15 million worth of publicity from his expensive purchase.

Rovell also points out that Meehan has made plenty of other big ticket eBay purchases in the past. With the hopes of opening a Rock n’ Roll themed dealership, he bought $17,000 worth of tour jackets from rock stars ranging from Kenny Rogers to Marilyn Manson to MC Hammer. Don’t act too surpised, the Hammer “Please Don’t Hurt ‘Em” tour jacket only cost 25 bucks.

I say good for Kevin Meehan. He put down a load of cash on a piece of crap jersey in bad condition, and came out of the deal looking like a diehard sports fan, a noble philanthropist, and a marketing genius.

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