The Boston Red Sox jersey buried at the site of the New Yankee Stadium, brought on a lot of anger from the Bronx, but now it’ll bring some serious dough to Boston.

The David Ortiz Sox ‘replica jersey t-shirt’ cost the Yankees $50,000 to dig up. A Bronx-native working at the construction site for the new stadium showed his secret allegiance to Red Sox Nation by placing a David Ortiz jersey in wet cement. Last Friday he blabbed about it to a few untrustworthy bros. The Yankees organization caught wind and showed how badly they didn’t want a ‘curse’ on the new ground by setting up an elaborate ‘unearthing dig.’

But the Yanks showed what a fine bunch of philanthropists they are and decided to donate it to The Jimmy Fund, a Boston-based charity benefiting cancer patients.

The Steinbrenner family came out on top again because marketing experts are saying its the most brilliant publicity stunt since ‘Free Hat Day’. Sports PR guru, Joe Favorito said:

…they got some great exposure, helped out a charity and did what the Yankees have done best this spring, seized a mundane moment and made it special…

The shirt is currently on eBay with a bid of $33,000. If you’re a big Red Sox fan with some cash to blow, this might be a good fit for you. Also, if you’re a Yankee fan who takes things too seriously, but also wants to help cancer patients, here’s your chance to go nuts. Darren Rovell, a sports business reporter from CNBC shared his estimates on the buried jersey curse commodity market:

It’s at $30,000 and there are six days left. My official prediction is $156,000.

That’s an amazingly high price for a piece of memorabilia in terrible condition. But given that Marc Ecko spent $752,000 to humiliate Barry Bonds, anything is possible.

Any other guesses on how high the bids will go for this item?

CNBC: The David Ortiz Jersey: What Will It Go For?, April 18, 2008

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