George knows things are bad, but there’s no need to describe things accurately.

In spite of countless evidence confirming it, President Bush skipped around calling the current economic slump ‘a recession’. Instead, according to a report by the AP, Bush said:

“It’s a tough time for our economy. If there was a magic wand to wave, I’d be waving it, of course.”

Of course he would be waving a magic wand if there was one. Duh, guys, that’s what you do with them, obviously? While Bush’s secret service spent most of the morning searching for said magic wand, the Prez served up an hour-long Q&A, focusing on the current economy but also touching on prez candidates, and not being friends with Jimmy Carter anymore.(Carter met with the Hamas terrorist group last month and Bush is obviously pissed but dismissively cordial about it.)

As for the economy, this impromptu Rose Garden frolic takes place a day before a much anticipated report on the American gross domestic product results for the first quarter. In my opinion, I always thought the grossest domestic product was Coors Light, but that’s just me.

Bush continued using metaphors and colloquialisms to describe ‘economy = bad’ without saying recession, before being asked outright by a reporter why he was so evasive on the word. His response:

“You know, the words on how to define the economy don’t reflect the anxiety the American people feel,” the president said. “You know, the average person doesn’t really care what we call it.”

Yeah, you hear that? Nobody even cares. Recession, Depression, Everything’s Great, Jobs Are Up, There Are No Jobs, it’s all the same to these uneducated masses, apparently. This comes at a time when Bush’s approval ratings on economic policy are at an all-time low, falling to 27% approval, which is 4 percentage points lower than last month.

Most of the everyday-backlash from the economy is felt in the form of high oil and gas prices. Bush addressed this issue by pushing his agenda for an Alaskan pipeline to be built in preserved areas. This is a proposal Bush has submitted many times before.

However in a response to Bush’s statements, Chuck Shumer a NY Dem, said:

Bush is “plain wrong” about how to address the situation. In particular, he said, opening the Alaska National Wildlife Refuge to oil exploration will do nothing to alleviate high gasoline prices, noting it will take 10 years before new oil could be produced and then it would reduce the price of gas by only a penny a gallon.

Oh dissed! The blame game continues. We’ll let you know if anyone comes up with some real solutions anytime soon. Let us know in the comments section if you think Bush is on the right track.

AP: Bush pushes Congress, April 29, 2008