David Arrick isn’t your typical Susie Cupcakes – he’s out there slinging ‘cakes for us manly men. His NYC bakery, Butch Bakery, takes the overly feminine world of cupcakery and puts a tough, manly spin on it. He’s sort of like the Johnny Cupcakes of NYC. It’s not just a tough exterior, though. Butch Bakery is hard all the way through. CNN reports:

Like a mixed-martial arts fight, Arrick’s cupcakes can pack a serious punch. Six of his 12 varieties feature alcohol — and customers feel the hit.

"The ones with alcohol are actually pretty potent," said David Barrineau, who ordered Butch cupcakes as a joke for the men and women in his advertising agency.

"The first one I tried … it had wood grain on it. It definitely had whiskey in it," Barrineau said. "I think we all got a buzz from these — it was pretty strong!"

We’ve been known to mix booze with a lot of interesting things (like salmon), but liquored up cupcakes? Usually it’s the other way around – you drink until you get the munchies. If nothing else, you’ve got to appreciate the efficiency of getting all done in one bite.  Even if it would cause one hell of a hangover.