The traditional butler is making a big comeback in London. Although plenty of normal people are struggling in this economic recession, Rich Dicks will always need ways to be extravagant.

After a whole load of rich Russian dudes/ hedge fund billionaires wanted their ‘newspaper creases ironed out’ and ‘private jets flown’ by a well-dressed old polite guy, butlers are back on the scene. A trained traditional butler averages around $138,000 a year!

According to an article in Bloomberg last week, butlers are even helping out with the real dirty work:

There is a correct way to interrupt coitus, says Rick Fink, who runs a butler school at former British Prime Minister Winston Churchill’s weekend mansion outside Oxford, England.

“A firm knock on the door, listen for any noises and wait for an order,” Fink, 73, tells his students, dressed in traditional green aprons. “Then address Sir, not the lady or any other companion, until spoken to.”

Also, under no circumstance should you address the man dressed in the bunny suit, and the donkey prefers to be called Sir Donks, please.

Bloomberg: More Butlers Do It as London Embraces Incomes With Eight Digits, April 8, 2008