You’ve heard of it being done before but haven’t really thought about doing it yourself: frying a turkey. Simple, yet genius. How many Thanksgivings in a row can you eat the same old dry roasted turkey without snapping?

It’s about time you go out on a limb and try something new to spice things up, don‘t you think? And now it’s easier, and cheaper, than ever with the Butterball Turkey Fryer. Let’s face it, you could deep fry a diaper and it wouldn’t taste that bad. You can’t go wrong with frying. Just in time for Thanksgiving, the Butterball Turkey Fryer can fit a turkey up to 14 pounds, and uses a third less oil than other conventional fryers, so you don’t have to feel as gross about deep frying something bigger than a baby. It fits comfortably on any kitchen counter-top and comes equipped with a trap drain to make clean-up easy. There’s even a cooking basket so you can fry up some donuts, or anything else your slowly-clogging heart desires, for dessert. The Turkey Fryer is currently on sale for $148.11 and can be found here.