So, you’re ready to go off the grid and live inside a giant hollowed out volcano shaped into the dubious silhouette of your grim skull as you stare out into the hearts and minds of your hated enemies. Who hasn’t been there? 

The problem, of course, is finding a suitably fortified, and secluded island on which to build the foundations of your evil empire. Luckily, now, there’s a one-stop shop for all your private island hunting needs (not in the sense of you’ll need a private island on which to hunt – probably humans). 

Priavate Islans Inc. specializes in the categorization, listing, marketing and sales of private islands all over the world. Want a snowy retreat from society in an archipelageo off Alaska? They can hook you up. Interested in a warmer clime? Perhaps one where your topless concubine warrior slaves don’t to worry about catching chill. They can help you there, too. 

Just go to the site, select the region of the globe you’re interested in settling in, and start your private island search. Just don’t forget to pack plenty of henchmen. You’re gonna go through some henchmen.