There’s a reason Brian Fantana had trouble scoring at KVWN. Yes, his style was a little raw, but the bigger problem was that Sex Panther smells like, you know.

Now, you may not be in that sort of position, but every guy can benefit from a little fragrance knowledge.

Here are three rules of thumb that will ensure you have much better luck with the ladies.

1. Seasons matter
Guys should always keep at least two different colognes or scents—one for winter and one for spring/summer. The summer scent should be something clean, fresh and citrusy, and the winter scent should be warm, woodsy or musky. It’s all about matching the mood of the season. You wouldn’t wear a flannel jacket to the beach, would you?

2. Trust your own nose
Guys often focus on scents they think ladies will like, but it’s important that you dig the scent too. If you’re wearing something you love, you’ll feel happier and more confident, and women will respond accordingly. That said, guys in relationships need to pay close attention to their girl’s preferences and choose something that she enjoys…and doesn’t smell like a gentlemen’s club. For a sure winner, check out Givenchy’s Gentleman Only, an elegant, woody scent that “exudes an unsettling sensuality.” What woman wouldn’t be drawn to that?

3. A little goes a long way
No matter what, don’t wear too much. No guy should be overpowered by his fragrance. It should be subtle and complimentary to you. An easy way to make sure you’re not using too much is to just lightly dab it on pulse points like the wrist and neck. If you’re spraying it all over, don’t be surprised to see women ducking and dodging—not unlike Veronica Corningstone and friends.