I have said several times on this site that most traders way overanalyze stocks. If you trade by the day or even the week this may be necessary. If you want to buy stock and make money over the next few years buy good stock in good companies and buy them on overreaction or down cycles caused by the markets not by any financial statements of the company. Nothing has changed in Apple. The guidance are guesses set by Apple and they certainly don’t want to set the bar too high. Guidance should always be cautious. Only the Tasers of the world set unrealistic goals. Buy Apple and buy it now. You will not be sorry in 2 months or 2 years. It is a winner and a pace setter in the world of technology. If you want reasons I’ll make them quick. Ipods are the standard and will keep selling, new laptops are here and millions have been waiting for them, and finally Apple is the best developer of new products in the world, they will certainly bring out more great products and will make more products that people have to have. Just buy and don’t forget to tip your bartender.