For photo enthusiasts, spying great wall art is like meeting your next love for the first time — you know it must be yours, cost be damned, but you suspect heartbreak is coming. Not so for the breathtaking (and accessibly priced) prints in the Venice Collection. Selected by the excellent online photo curators Sonic Editions and The Impossible Cool, these 10 limited-edition pictures of pop-culture icons were chosen from Venice’s Archivio Cameraphoto Epoche, an archive of more than 300,000 photos, of which only 1% have been digitized. On the cost front, start planning marriage: prices start at $199 for a 16″x16″ print, mounted and framed. See more images below, and at

Sophia Loren on the Canal Grande

Mick and Bianca Jagger on their honeymoon, 1971

Claudia Cardinale in Rome, 1958

Top photo: Paul Newman in a water taxi in Venice, 1963