You’ve seen the images on TV and online. You know that people half a world away continue to suffer. And you have no idea what to do about it. Well, here’s one small way to help make a difference in Japan.

Buy a T-shirt.

Not just any T-shirt, but one of three limited-edition graphic T’s from Gap. Inspired by iconic Japanese imagery, the flaming heart symbolizes commitment while the crane symbolizes peace. (Also, origami, the coolest thing to come out of Japan since samurais.) Best of all, all profits from the sale of the $24.95 garments will be donated to GlobalGiving’s Japan Earthquake & Tsunami Relief Fund. A damn good cause if ever there was one.

Click here to get yours. As Wilford Brimley once said of Quaker Oatmeal, “It’s the right thing to do.” It doesn’t hurt that you’ll look good doing it.