Have you ever been closing down a bar in NY and thought, “man, I wish I could buy my boy a drink in L.A. right now, they’re just getting stared over there.”   Well with the new Bartab iPhone, android, and web app, you can. You just download the app, and you can start buying real drinks with real money to your friends.   All the have to do is show the web coupon to the bar (limited number of locations in NYC, LA, and San Francisco), and then give them an extra buck. 

Each drink only costs a buck, which, in any of the above cities, is mind-splatteringly cheap. A number of brilliant scenarios jump to mind as to how you could creatively and economically use this app. 

  1.   Buy yourself a drink at one of the venues and end up drinking for just $2
  2.  Trade drinks with your buddy across the country in a trans-continental drink-off
  3. Invite a special lady to a happy hour at a particular venue by sending her a drink as work is winding up for the day
  4.  Sign up just for the 6 half-off drinks you get for installing the app

So go to your respective mobile stores and check it out. Cheers!