The town of White’s City, New Mexico is going up for public auction on July 14th. If you buy it, you can be the king of your own quiet ghost town.

Don’t you want a place where you can walk around naked and break all the windows? Someone should definitely make this happen.
Every real estate mogul has to start somewhere, right?

According to the local news station, the sale is not due to a massive foreclosure, but just general lack of interest by the owners. Sounds like a real hot property:

The incorporated town was founded in 1927 by Charlie White and has been managed by the family since then. Family member Charles Dugger said the family’s children have interests outside the area and it’s time to move on.

White’s City seems like just a nice quaint little tourist trap right near the Carlsbad Caverns National Park, but check out what’s hidden and now for sale in this sleepy little town. The town consists of 366.25 acres and will be auctioned in 11 parcels. The first parcel for sale will include the majority of the town’s property and buildings. Your purchase will make you the proud owner of all this (more details, pictures, and a map after the jump):

  • White’s City Resort Hotel
  • Water Park with 150 ft. water slides, splash pool, squirting cannons, soft slides
  • The Million Dollar Museum – the contents (which includes 30,000 items ranging from antique guns, wagons, ‘mummified bodies’, dolls and cars) will be sold at a separate auction
  • Arcade – with skee ball, basketball, racing, and shooting gallery
  • Gift Shop
  • Gas Station
  • Post Office
  • White’s City Saloon and Restaurant
  • RV Park
  • Granny’s Opera House
  • acres of rocks and cacti

The water park alone should make this thing a ‘must buy’. I’m not sure how much the whole city will sell for at auction, how can you really estimate the property value of something like this? From researching this town all morning, I have yet to see one picture containing a person in the town. Which leads me to conclude it’s probably haunted.

My mind is a buzz with ideas for marketing a haunted water park and opera house. It could become the ‘Disney World’ of Southeastern New Mexico! Maybe I should go on a ‘fact-finding’ mission out there?

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